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Case Study: VP Gutters - Google Ads

Project type

Google Ads

VP Gutters is a premier installer of seamless rain gutters operated in New City (NY) USA, and surrounding areas. It provides the materials and installation services. They also provide expertise to protect homes from water damage for all Gutter Services.

VP gutters came to us with a very low budget. Also the client serves locally. This made the initial stage of keyword research very difficult. We can’t target high CPC keywords that have good search volume. So, it was difficult for us to start the campaign within the clients budget.

We have figured out some low competitive and low bid keywords to start the campaign initially. And later on as per the result we suggested to the client to increase the budget so that we can focus on other related high volume keywords. Client agreed to pay more since we are able to drive some good results initially with the low volume keywords.

Initially we started with a ‘search campaign’. We did intensive competitor analysis both in the terms of keywords and user experience. We had a meeting with the client to understand more about the business revenue services. Once we understood the business’s prime service we targeted and invested more budget accordingly.

This helped us to drive better results in a minimal budget.

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