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John Dwyer Construction - Google Ads

Project type

Google Ads

A construction management company that provides a comprehensive range of management services in the Tampa Bay area of the United States. These services include conceptual budgeting and scheduling, pre-construction planning (such as zoning, wetlands management, code compliance), updated estimating and scheduling, value engineering, contract negotiations, bid packages for trades, collaboration with highly respected trade contractors, on-site inspections, continuous tracking of schedules and budgets, and, most importantly, quality control.

During the initial phase, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the websites. Taking into account our findings and understanding of the client's business, we identified several potential keywords that accurately represent the services they offer. Additionally, we identified competitors and used this information to determine the necessary modifications for the website. To gain further insight into the client's business revenue services, we arranged a separate meeting. After gathering all the relevant data, including information on competitors, keywords, and revenue services, we finalized the landing pages to target.

Once the client approved the chosen keyword, we proceeded to create a "Search campaign" centered around the approved keywords. Despite the low volume of these keywords, we remained confident that they would yield favorable results.

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